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Do clear plates prevent eating and drinking? Does it have to be removed while eating?

In classical wire treatment, a team of foods and beverages are prohibited or reduced throughout the treatment. Otherwise, they may damage the wires or brackets. Since there are no fixed metal parts on the teeth in transparent plaque treatments, there are no restrictions on eating and drinking.

Does clear aligner treatment affect speech?

At the beginning of the plaque treatment, at least one difference in speech can be seen within 1-2 weeks of getting used to. However, over time, this difference in speech disappears as patients get used to it.

Does excessive consumption of coffee, tea and cigarettes affect plaques, which foods and beverages change the color of transparent dental plaques?

Coloring products such as tea, coffee and cigarettes may affect the color of the plaque in long-term use of plaque. However, since the plates are changed weekly during the treatment, no discoloration is observed.

Is clear plate cleaning done well?

Plates used for protection have detailed cleaning and storage protocols. However, in the treatment of transparent plaque, since the plates are changed weekly, it will be sufficient to protect the plate in its own box and wash it with water before the food. If the plates need to be used for a longer time, the plates can be cleaned by keeping them in water with special cleaning particles.

How often should controls be done in clear plaque treatment?

Orthodontic transparent are long-lasting treatments and require regular control. Under normal conditions, controls are made monthly. In some cases, a check-up can be done every two months. Since the treatment planning is done in the first place in transparent aligners, the controls can be made at longer intervals depending on the patient’s request. In cases of going abroad, out of the city, patients can continue the treatment for a long time without coming to the control as long as they use their plates properly.

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