Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design is the use of digital technologies to find the most suitable tooth alignment and shape with the help of a computer program before the teeth are ever cut and the treatment begins. For this, face photos and intraoral photos of the person are taken, different options are adapted to the person’s photos with the rose design program on them, and the most suitable one is put into practice.

Thanks to the digital smile design, the person starts the treatment knowing what he will encounter as a result of the treatment, no question marks are left in his mind.

The advantage is that the doctor can more easily understand the patient’s dream tooth design and can show the teeth to the technician who made the teeth concretely and ask him to do the same.

Smile design is done in 2 sessions, in the first, photographs are taken, in the second, the design is discussed with the patient, and if it is approved, production begins.


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