How Are Teeth Affected During Menstruation?

During the menstrual period, teeth are a process that women experience every month and cause some effects on their bodies. During this period, many changes are observed in hormones. Changes in hormones, on the other hand, affect the whole body and cause some complaints. Abdominal pains, bloating and headaches are just a few of the complaints that occur in the body.

During the menstrual period, changes can occur not only in the body, but also in the mouth area. In this process, problems such as gingival swelling, bleeding gums, excessive tooth sensitivity and inflammation may occur. However, gingival swelling is a common condition. Whatever the problem is, it causes great discomfort to the person. Sometimes these problems can even become an obstacle to the realization of daily routines.

What Causes Gum Swelling During Menstrual Period?

During the menstrual period, teeth are a process in which major changes are experienced, especially in hormones. Depending on the fluctuations in hormones, there are also changes in the blood flow to the teeth and gums. This significantly reduces the body’s ability to fight against the toxins that occur in plaques. As a result, swelling of the teeth and gums or other problems may occur.

These complaints usually begin a few days before the menstrual period. Symptoms can be mild as well as severe. If these complaints reach disturbing dimensions, a physician should be consulted and treatment should be started. Thus, the progression of the problem is prevented in the first place.

Is Tooth Extraction Performed During Menstrual Period?

The differentiation of blood flow during the menstrual period has risks in terms of some treatment methods. For example, it is not recommended to perform tooth extraction during menstruation. Because during the menstrual period, bleeding during tooth extraction may increase. Of course, this does not mean that teeth will not be extracted during menstruation. Because the menstrual period is not a direct obstacle for this situation. In cases where the specialist physician takes the necessary precautions, the extraction procedures can be performed successfully.

How Should Dental Care Be Taken During Menstrual Period?

Regular dental care is always of great importance. But this is much more important during the menstrual period. The changes that occur during this period cause the teeth to be much more sensitive than normal. This sensitivity in the teeth can lead to bleeding or swelling of the gums. In order for these complaints not to arise or to progress even if they do, it is necessary to pay attention to oral and dental care. Regular brushing, flossing and mouthwash will be beneficial.

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