Everything About Teeth Whitening!

A white smile is everyone’s dream! who; either his teeth color is yellow or his teeth do not look white due to the habits he consumes frequently during the day. Although the teeth are brushed regularly, yellowing of the teeth cannot be prevented most of the time. What should we do in the face of this situation that deeply affects our self-confidence? From Istanbul Okan University Dental Hospital, Department of Restorative Dentistry, Dr. Instructor Member, Hakan Yasin Send, talked about teeth whitening. While some teeth have internal discoloration due to congenital or acquired antibiotics, factors that cause external discoloration of the teeth as a result of daily consumption such as food and beverages (tea, coffee, fruit juice, wine) or smoking overshadow the natural whiteness of our teeth. “It Is Not Hard To Have The Ideal Teeth Whitening” It is not difficult to have the ideal teeth whiteness.

The discoloration of the teeth can be removed with the bleaching process and you can have whiter teeth. The teeth whitening process is quite different from the polishing process after the tartar cleaning process. In the teeth whitening process, the own color tone of the tooth can be lightened by 2-3 tons. The teeth whitening process can be applied as office bleaching applied by the physician in the office environment, and home bleaching that the patient will apply at home with gels containing lower ratio bleaching agents thanks to a transparent plaque given to the patient with the measurements taken from the patient.

In addition, what we describe as over the counter, which is not under the control of a physician and can be obtained by patients from pharmacies; There are products such as whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. However, the effect of these products is very low compared to the whitening process under the control of the doctor, it will be a better choice to use it with the advice of the doctor after bleaching under the control of the doctor.

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