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It is always possible to have healthy teeth with regular and correct oral care.

Single Tooth Implant Treatment

Dental implant, function in case of missing teeth...


Orthodontics (braces treatment), simple dental crowding...


Pedodontics, milk and permanent teeth healthy...

Jaw Joint Treatment

The aim of the treatment is to restore normal and painless jaw functions to the patient.

Gum Aesthetics

Periodontology; hard and soft surrounding the teeth...

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening; chemical that does not harm the teeth...


Endodontics, also known as root canal treatment...

Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design, dentists using digital technologies...

Orthodontic Clear Plaque Treatment

Transparent Plaque treatment is a classic treatment that is very popular today...

Hollywood Smile

One of the features that make people attractive and impressive is a beautiful...

Prosthetic Dental Treatment

Due to different reasons, teeth, gums and surrounding tissues...

Implant Treatment

The implant is placed in the jawbone and for support of prostheses.

Aesthetic Dentistry

At Klinikemel, we believe that a healthy smile is a beautiful smile...


In our clinic, all kinds of surgical treatment are successfully...

Ceramic Restorations

Aesthetic ceramic restorations are generally popular among the public.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Natural teeth decay, gum disease, accident, etc. may be lost for reasons such as: With implant treatment, these toothless cavities can be reconstructed as if they belonged to the person. Implant treatment can be applied to any patient who has completed the development of the jaw and has a good general health condition. Implant treatment has been applied for 35 years with a success rate of up to 98% in patients who have good oral hygiene and whose other dental problems have been resolved, except for patients with some very rare health problems. In addition, the development of imaging and advanced surgical techniques in recent years has almost made the concept of insufficient bone for implant obsolete.

We should visit the dentist regularly, not only when we feel pain and sensitivity, but also every 6 months.

With these periodic checks, initial cavities are detected.
Thus, the decay progresses and dental treatment is performed without the need for root canal treatment.

Regular check-ups are also important in terms of early diagnosis of gingival diseases, since advanced gingival diseases cause the loss of healthy teeth.
In this way, the continuity of our oral health is ensured with preventive dentistry without the need for extensive treatments, and the loss of time and budget is prevented.

Root canal treatment is completed in 1 or 2 sessions to a great extent. If there is only an acute infection (abscess) in the tooth, systemic symptoms such as fever and weakness, disinfectant drugs may need to be placed in the root canals for a longer period of time. In such cases, it ends in 3-4 sessions.

The most important advantage of implant treatment is that it does not damage the adjacent natural teeth. In addition, it prevents bone resorption, makes the prosthesis feel like a natural tooth of the patient, are among its other important differences.

Leaf porcelain can be applied to almost every patient. Their application to patients with parafunctional habits such as teeth grinding, nail biting, pen biting is limited. The decision is made by evaluating these parafunctions and the closure of your jaws.

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