Prosthetic Dental Treatment

Prosthetic Dental Treatment

The prosthetic tooth, which is applied in case of damage or loss of teeth, gingiva and surrounding tissues due to various reasons, is specially prepared for the person. Thus, the person regains the healthy chewing function by having the teeth, which are considered the beginning of the digestive system. Prosthetic teeth, which also enable the speech to improve and the person to have a beautiful sensory appearance, increase the person’s standard of living.

Specially produced dental prostheses can also be defined as artificial teeth that fully adapt to the oral structure of the patient, can be used peacefully, can be fixed in the mouth or can be easily inserted and removed. It may take several months for the patient to get used to their new teeth.

During this time, the prosthesis may cause the patient to feel awkward and uncomfortable. It is normal to feel fullness or looseness in the mouth at first. During this period, which is also known as the habituation period, the cheek muscles and tongue of the person get used to the prosthetic tooth and after a while, it is not necessary to exert effort to keep the prosthesis in place. “What is a dental prosthesis?” must answer the question.


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