Aesthetic Ceramic Restorations

Aesthetic Ceramic Restorations

Aesthetic ceramic restorations are generally known as Zirconiums, E-Max veneers and E-Max Laminated restorations. It can also be applied in combination with orthodontics), they can be applied when aesthetic fillings cannot obtain an image that will satisfy the patient. The application area of each is different and the most suitable one should be chosen for the patient. Our preference is that the patients have completed their growth and development, and if there is no problem on the surface of the teeth, orthodontic treatment option should be considered. Pink aesthetics is a whole with white aesthetics. The two are always evaluated together. The application period is minimum 5 days and maximum 7 days. It should not be forgotten that a good workmanship should not be too rushed, a restoration that you will use for a long time should be finished in the most perfect way.


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