Orthodontic Clear Plaque Treatment

Orthodontic Clear Plaque Treatment

Transparent Plaque treatment is an alternative to the classical orthodontic treatment, which is very popular today. It is the most used area of digital orthodontics. Patient measurements are taken digitally, planning and calculations are made entirely in the computer environment, the plaques are prepared at the very beginning of the treatment. The image to be obtained at the end of the treatment is at the very beginning. can be seen in the prepared simulation.

The treatment period is generally shorter than the classical orthodontic treatment. The intervals between sessions can be longer. It is a more suitable treatment option especially for foreign patients.

Transparent aligners act by applying light, continuous forces to the teeth. The patient can remove it whenever he wants, and consume whatever food he wants. should be attached.

The patient should be well evaluated in terms of suitability for clear aligner treatment. Because both patient compliance and treatment are indispensable, and in very complicated cases, the patient may lose motivation and neglect to wear the aligners regularly, since the number of plaques will increase in very complicated cases. In this case, classical orthodontic treatment will be effective.

As a result, clear aligner treatment can be seen as the future of orthodontic treatment, as long as the correct cases are selected and evaluated.


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